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Anutra® / Wand® Anesthetics


The Anutra anesthetic system has been specifically designed with your comfort in mind. Topical anesthetic is even built into the system. The unique buffered numbing medication takes away the “burn” that can be associated with numbing and provides a faster onset, so there is less waiting time.


The Wand® has been developed to make the process of injections easier and more comfortable. The unique design of this almost weightless state-of-the-art instrument makes it easier to control every single injection. With the Wand you have the advantages of having:

  • more accurate injections,
  • less missed injections,
  • rapid onset of medication.

Dr. Harman and Dr. Hawley’s Emporia dental practice is always in search of better, more precise equipment. We do not stop improving to give our Emporia patients the best experience and the brightest smiles.  We think of your comfort at all times, and concentrate on achieving the best results for you and your family.  Call to make an appointment with your Emporia dentists today! 434 634-4164 or click here.