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Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion is a new way of removing decay from a tooth without using a dental drill and often no numbing! This innovative method can be a safer and faster way to rid decay from the teeth.

How the Air Abrasion Works.

The air abrasion instrument blows a powerful air stream of tiny aluminum oxide particles out of its tip onto the tooth. The tiny particles bounce off the tooth and blast the decay away.

What is Air Abrasion used for?

Air Abrasion is used by your dentists to prepare your teeth for white fillings. It can also used to repair cracks and discolored teeth, to prepare teeth for bonding procedures, and other dental procedures.

Is Air Abrasion right for me?

Consult with your dentist to see if the Air Abrasion technique is right for you. Air Abrasion is used by Emporia dentists to repair chipped teeth, remove stains and spots. It can also be used in repairing of old fillings and sealants, or even in repairing broken crowns and bridges.

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